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Most banks require a certified filed copy of your fictitious business name statement (DBA) before they will open a new business bank account. Additionally, many banks also require proof that you have ordered the publication of your DBA with a newspaper. If your DBA statement is already filed, you can easily print a receipt/confirmation letter TODAY from DBAstore.com to take to your bank and prove that your DBA has been scheduled for publication.

All you need to do is click on File-Publish DBA and complete the form and payment information. You can then print the receipt/confirmation letter.

(Please note: A DBA statement must be filed before it can be published. You can only print this confirmation letter today if your statement has already been filed. We can assist you with the filing if this has not been done. Please click on File-Publish DBA to complete the form or Getting Started for more information.)

Thank you and best of luck in your business.

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