"This was very easy to publish my dba. It's great because it saved me money and time." -Irene Martinez


Congratulations on your new business!

We place over 4,000 DBA's (doing business as) each month and provide professional legal advertising placement services to government agencies, attorneys and private companies in all 58 California counties.  Our service is designed to provide professional new business registration filing and publishing services at a low, reasonable price.

We can assist you with the filing of your new business name so that you can avoid having to take time from your busy schedule to do it yourself. Once your Fictitious Business Name (also known as DBA) Statement is filed we will publish a legal notice in a qualified newspaper once a week for four weeks and file proof with the county after last publication date. The law requires that publication begin within 30 days after your statement is filed.

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Thank you and best of luck in your business.

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